Exodus Merchants is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Standard Headstones for graves. We have shipped thousands of standard granite headstones to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the U.K. Prices of headstones not only depend on the kind of stone but also the type of design and carving complexity. Standards are the cheapest when it comes to cost based on design for obvious reasons. On top of that when you are buying Standard Grave Monuments from Exodus Merchants, you could be sure that you will get reasonable costs.

Ogee Headstones

Our Ogee top headstones have the perfectly symmetric ‘S’ shaped curves, which gives it a simple yet timeless look. Ogees’ are some of our best selling headstones to Ireland. We have high standards and all our Ogee headstones reflect the Irish Gothic architecture, which goes back as far as the 13th century.

Apex Headstones

Our Apex and Winged Apex are cut to perfection. They look simple and when made out of the dark Black Galaxy stone they look stunning even though they don’t have any intricate designs. If need be, we shall also carve beautiful designs and employee various types of finishes to add more charm to the stone.


Heart had always been the right shape/artwork to express love. Heart-shaped headstones are for this reason quite popular. We shall produce standard headstones that are full heart-shaped or use it as a part of the artwork in our hand-carved and antique memorials.


Each of our oval-shaped headstones are carved to perfection, and can last for decades. The oval headstones could also be personalised with different finishes and custom designs.