Hand Carved Granite Headstones

A lot of granite manufacturers have moved away from hand carving and rely mostly on machines and technology to produce antique carved headstones. Although, advancement in technology is a good thing and makes things easier, completely depending on machinery is going to work only when producing Standard Headstones with minimal design. We at Exodus Merchants try our best to strike the balance between using traditional hand carving techniques as well as using cutting-edge technology to get our jobs quick, while not compromising on the quality of design. A lot of antique designs which involves, crosses, scrolls, Roses, Angels, Mother Mary, Books, and any other custom designs could only be perfectly done with artsy skill of the human hand and mind. All our hand carved designs are carved by our hand-picked carvers who have decades of experience in the field. You can throw any kind of custom designs at us and our highly-skilled hand carvers will be able to pull it off. We have displayed some of our custom and standard hand carved headstone memorials below.