Ireland & Norther Ireland Granite Headstones

Exodus Merchants supplies Granite Memorials at affordable prices all over Ireland. We have been supplying to several counties in the Republic of Ireland, like Dublin, Cork City, Galway, Kerry, West Meath and Meath. We understand better than most suppliers in India the Irish memorials and headstone requirements since we have been supplying to Ireland for the past 5 years.

We have presented below of our Irish head stones works below which we ship regularly. Most of the headstones that we have presented below are made using top quality Black granite, Bahama Blue also known as Blue Lagoon and Indian Aurora, which are some of the favorite stones that one could find in India that are better in quality compared to their Chinese counter-parts. We have hired some of the finest sculptors in our production facility to do all our carvings. We emphasis on quality and we procure finest rough blocks from quarries in and around South India and produce the finished goods and ship them on time. We conceive the fact that we are dealing with products that have could have lot of sentimental value and should last for ages.

By importing headstones and grave monuments from India, you can save money and also don’t have to compromise on quality. Even if you have no importing experience, we will make the whole process easy and make sure you will receive you’re the goods intact in time. We ship several containers each month to Ireland and take great care in palletizing and stuffing the container for the long journey to the Port of Dublin or Cork, which ever port is convenient for you. For instance, if you are from Kerry, we shall find the best vessel to Cork Port and ship to Dublin Port if you are from Meath.

Northern Ireland

Even though part of the U.K., we perceive that monument requirement and designs of Northern Ireland are almost the same as Ireland. Northern Ireland is place to which made our first international shipment of Black granite headstones several years and we still do to our buyers in London Derry, Antim, Armagh, Tyrone, Down and Fermanagh. Take a look at our finest headstones and monuments below and get in touch with us. We would love hear from you.