Vizag Blue

Description: The Vizag Blue is also called as Blue Lagoon and it is a premium blue granite we export to Ireland, U.K. and Europe.

Blue Lagoon is available in dark as well as light shades. The darker shade is generally preferred by most of our customers and a bit hard to procure and for that reason darker Vizag Blue material is slightly more expensive compared to the lighter counterpart. We have been procuring from some of the best mines in the nation and our team and professional stone markers can get light as well as darker Blue Lagoon material for producing stunning granite monuments. Since we have been constantly exporting this material for the past 5 years, we can easily procure material for lengthy kerbs, as well.

The igneous rock with grained texture with a classy look is native to India and an equivalent of this stone is hard to find anywhere in the globe. The enduring nature of the Vizag Blue makes it a good contender for making headstones and grave monuments.