Sadarahalli Grey

Description: Sadarahalli Grey is one of the most widely available grey granite stone from India. It is also quite affordable.

A lot of our customers who import a good supply of Sadarahalli Grey  granite monuments used to import the cheaper and low-quality G603 grey material from China. The procuring of the G603 which is one of the cheapest grey granite in the world has been banned in several provinces by the Chinese regime. And so some of our existing customers wanted to give Sadarahalli Grey  a try and they are quite happy with the decision.

The Sadarahalli Grey is an extremely sturdy granite that has consistent grain patterns and looks classy. We take pride in letting you know that most of our revenue comes from exporting Sadarahalli Grey  and Absolute Black. It really doesn’t matter what kind of finish you need on your monument and headstones we will be able to get it done. We had been constantly procuring from some of the top mines in India and process them in our factory and export to Ireland, U.K., and Germany.

If you are looking for lighter shades of grey, we can produce monuments with Madhanapallli (MP White), as well. Give us a call or drop a message.