Indian Aurora

Description: The Indian Aurora is a prime quality red granite stone, which is known for its elegant pattern that looks stunning and is one of the most preferred stone for making headstones and grave monuments next to Black.

Not many exporters here in India are comfortable with procuring the Indian Aurora because the prime quality Auroras that are perfect for grave monuments are quite hard to find. Our Aurora stones are quite dark which also defines the quality of the stone. With dark red and black natural patterns our finished grave monuments look absolutely stunning. We can also provide the top quality Aurora headstones for the cheapest price.

We have link-up with a lot of quarries here in South India that house some of the top quality Indian Aurora stone. On top of that, we can also produce lengthy kerbs. This material is generally considered expensive compared to other granites including the most popular Absolute Black. However, since we export these material often and have been in allegiance with a several quarries for years, our Aurora headstones are quite affordable. We have been consistently shipping Indian Aurora headstones, monuments and accessories to a lot of our long-terms customers in the U.K., Northern Ireland and Ireland.