Absolute Black

Description: High quality black granite with dense grains (granules) which are best suited for grave monuments, flooring and countertops.

Absolute Black Granite also known as Jet Black granite or simply Indian Black granite is one of the most highly exported granite types from India. It is a favourite material of choice for grave monument and headstones because of their excellent properties like high density, and close grains. Indian Black granite stones are generally considered superior to black stones that are found in China, which often have sugar spots and the blacks are not as dark as their counter-parts from India.

The Absolute Black granite headstone is one of our prime export material and we have been supplying to several customers in the U.K, Ireland, Northern Ireland and EU. Although we supply our dense granular black stones for flooring and countertops, our major import involves, grave memorials, and grave accessories. We have been exporting monuments which consists of Kerbs, Headstone, Base stone, other accessories and custom pieces and also make sure that the colour of every single piece that makes the whole monument look exactly the same and consistent, which makes a black monument quite imposing. We are also one of the few exporters from South India who can procure the right material longer than 3 meter for producing kerbs which are hard to find.

Take a look at some of the headstones we produced with Black Granite.