Granite Colours

South India is home to some of the massive and oldest granite mountains and quarries with materials lacking internal structures or pours which makes them dense and solid. Granitic rocks are widely found all over the southern states of India which come in several unique colours.

India had been under the British rule for nearly 400 years and granite stones had been shipped to England, Ireland and Northern Ireland since the Victorian era. The different types and colours of granite stones found in this part of the world have found their way in to the U.K. for their quality and their beautiful colours, shades and grains. We procure blocks from several quarries in the region to cater to our customer’s requirements. Most of our grave monument and headstone works are done with stones like Absolute Black; Blue Lagoon / Bahama Blue; Indian Arora, Indian Impala, and Sadarali Grey

We have displayed below some Granite Colour Samples for your reference. We strive to ship only prime quality granite stones and we believe that “quality begins on the inside and then works its way out”. Please note that these photo samples are purely indicative and that granite is subject to natural colour variation.

If you want to take a closer look at our product, do let us know. We will ship small samples finished/unfinished so that you can scrutinise the quality of the stones and feel our products before we ship. We usually send out samples to our new buyers on request. However, we get most of our business through reference. So if you want to know about our quality, we can also give the contact number of one of our existing customers so that you can enquire about our products.

Granite Colour We Procure and Produce

Some of the most popular stones among our Irish customers viz., Absolute Black, Blue Lagoon or Vizag Blue, Indian Arora, Indian Impala, Sadarali Grey, and NH Red, are show below.

We also produce headstones and grave accessories using the following stones occasionally depending on our customers’ requirement.

We will be able to apply a lot of different finish to the stones for aesthetics as well as durability. Take a look at all the finish.